Pilates Exercises at the PilatesLife® Studios have the following undeniable advantages:

The Team of PilatesLife® wishes everyone healthy body and is always there to help those who want to improve their health.

State-of-the-art equipment

- We have state-of-the-art equipment, spacious halls for group exercises and VIP rooms for individual exercises based on the proven system of Joseph Pilates, the world-famous inventor and founder of this unique sports.

Professional Coaches

- Most coaches of PilatesLife® have over 10 years working experience. These are qualified professionals who received their education from SEAM Academy® School licensed by the Turkish Gymnastics Federation and have certificates confirming their qualifications;

Individual Programme

- Individual Improvement Programme is designed for each participant, which allows to obtain best training results in shortest time;

Anyone can do Pilatese

- Everyone, including children may engage in Pilatese activities, regardless of age, initial training, health condition and other factors. Coaches of Studio can choose optimal programme and exercises for each person who has decided to improve their body;

Multifunctional Massage Rooms

- The Studios have massage rooms with highly qualified specialists, who are qualified in variety of massage techniques;

State-Of-The-Art Technology

- During activities, innovative medical and sports technologies are used, which allow to obtain high-quality results;

Useful for Pregnant Women

- This method has proven itself as training system during pregnancy and recovery after childbirth. Use of special equipment to reduce the loads, where necessary, is ideal for doing exercises while carrying a child;

Reduces back and lumbar pain

- Individual exercises are indispensable for back pain, including spinal hernia, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, protrusions for stabilization of abdominal muscles and lumbar, as well as strengthening and developing coordination and mobility of the whole body;

Best cardio simulators from Technogym

- Now, those who want to combine Pilates classes with Сardio Loads, can do this within Studio, on the best cardio simulators from Technogym which is world leader in solutions for fitness and healthy lifestyle;

Unique InBody machine

- The Studio has an innovative InBody machine, which in 30 seconds calculates Body Mass Index (BMI), muscle mass, fat percentage in 5 segments for adults and children. Calculation of amount of proteins and minerals in the body. Monitoring of latent obesity in adults and assessment of obesity stage in children. Recommendations for weight management, diet and fitness level. It should be noted that the assessment will not be conducted for persons with cardiac pacemaker and pregnants.

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