Today, children are becoming hostages of new technologies, and respectively, level of their physical development decreases. If you worry about healthy future of our children, time to think about Pilates classes.
Every caring parent understands that childhood is not only beautiful period of careless happiness, but it is also time of formation of all the internal organs of the juveniles, their nervous system, as well as musculo-skeletal system. When initially formed properly, they will continue to work without failure.

Pilates classes in the PilatesLife Studio under the supervision of professional and experienced coaches will help to avoid postural disorders at an early age, form correct curves of the spine and the arches of the feet, strengthen joints and ligaments. Pilates exercises are pretty much beneficial on the formation of the muscular system. Any movements in this technique will be performed moothly, slowly, without undue stress, so there is no danger of stretching the ligaments. Flexible and elastic muscles from strong “frame” are gradually formed.

Another consequence of children’s immense love for TV or computers is hypodynamia. Decrease in physical activity inevitably entails occurence of excess weight. Unfortunately, such problem has already impacted many children. Regular Pilates classes will allow your child to regain flexibility and proper slenderness.

Workout Details
Duration:50 min
Location:4th floor
Class Size:4-5 per