If you have already mastered basic Pilates on mats, try Pilates on a reformer. A lesson on this simulator will undoubtedly give you a completely new experience.

Pilates reformer was invented more than 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates and at that moment it was not such popular as classic Pilates on mat. First of all, this is related with fairly high of simulator and limited number of companies who were manufacturing them. Moreover, one of the important is that there are practically no certified instructors in Azerbaijan, who hold Pilates classes on the reformers. PilatesLife Studio provides you with opportunity to study with certified trainers who have completed master classes at Turkish Pilates Academy.

Pilates on the reformer simulator has a lot in common with classic Pilates. The lesson consists of exercises that train stabilizing muscles, and flows smoothly, does not create a load on the joints
and the spine. As with Pilates on the mat, here you can work out all the muscles in one exercise; in this regard, reformer can be considered as universal simulator.

One of the distinguishing features of Pilates on the reformer is that, it allows you to do more stretching exercises. Thus, you can train not only your muscles, but also their lengthening. And due to the fact that the reformers are equipped with movable platforms, springs and belts, the exercise will be more dynamic, and therefore the effect of classes will be noticeable faster.

Duration:50 min
Location:4th floor
Class Size:4-5 per