What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of physical exercises developed by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20 th century with main aim of rehabilitation of people after injuries. Pilates is the safest exercise program without shock stress, allowing you to stretch and strengthen main muscle groups, while not forgetting about small weak muscles. Moreover, these exercises meet the requirements of any organism, giving you perfect body forms. Main difference between Pilates and other types of training is almost zero possibility of injury and negative reactions. Pilates provides you with large number of exercises for rehabilitation of pain syndromes in various parts of the spine.

Who is Pilates for? And at what age is it recommended to practice them?

This is what Joseph Pilates personally said regarding age for beginining to practice Pilates according to the method developed by him:

You must understand that there is no such thing as “ physical old age ”! The human body is like a clock or some copper device. If you abandon it, it starts to become covered with rust and oxidation products, which eventually becomes so much that the mechanism stops, because its gears simply fail to move due to the abundance of dirt accumulated between them.

But when we carry out necessary cleaning in time before the same clock come to final disrepairable state or worthlessness, we will witness a miracle! It will work again with the same clarity to please us, more than years. This is the same case when it comes to body. It is worth starting to improve them, but cautiously and carefully, like a master restoring very old and therefore very fragile thing, and our body will finally regain its former youth.

Can pregnant women do Pilates?

Yes they can. According to recommendations of physicians, the second trimester is considered ideal for physical activities. So in the absence of contraindications, Pilates is just an excellent choice! In the third trimester, the intensity of the exercises should be gradually reduced, movements should be performed more and more smoothly, without jerks. But you can do Pilates right up to delivery. What is important is to have permission of the doctor.

During pregnancy Pilates will strengthen your body, prevent swelling, minimize congestion in the pelvic zone and increase spinal mobility. Due to proper breathing, emotional state and sleep are improved, and metabolism is accelerated. Our Studio offers classes for pregnant women.

Is Pilates effective for weight loss?

We are often asked questions regarding possibility of losing weight while doing Pilates. Doing Pilates, you can actually lose your weight! After a month of regular workouts, you will definitely obtain minus 1 size for your outfits and such the effect is promised to be maintained. During workouts we teach you proper breathing, which help to improve your oxygen levels in the blood. As a result, metabolism accelerates which in turn leads to loss of weight.

Are there any downsides? And who can not do Pilates?

It can be said with confidence that there are practically no contraindications and/or age restrictions for Pilates, so children and the elderly can also do Pilates. However, below are few contraindications:

*feverish conditions;

*presence of infection;

*increased body temperature;

*temporary exacerbation of chronic diseases;


*people who recently undergone surgery;

Can I do Pilates with Scoliosis?

Doing Pilates for those with 1st and 2nd degree is allowed. However, despite that for those with 3rd degree of Scoliosis, it is not forbidden to do Pilates, but only with the approval of your attending physician and provided that the exercises will be held on an individual basis. Pilates has very beneficial effect on patients with Scoliosis due to its ability to restore balance of movements and create new movement patterns. Certain exercises of the Pilates system can alleviate the discomfort caused by curved spine, and in some cases, even reduce degree of curvature.

Pilates for those with cervical spine problems (Cervical Osteochondrosis).

Pilates for patients with similar diagnosis will be useful due to the following 2 factors:

– Regular exercises contribute to the strengthening of the pectoral sling, which is extremely important if certain parts of the vertebral column are affected, since the destruction and displacement of the vertebrae usually occur against the background of muscle atrophy. Developed muscles act as body’s natural corset, which removes some of the load from the joints and prevents their movement.

– Morover, during workouts the joints of the damaged zone regain their natural mobility. Pilates with cervical osteochondrosis contributes to the stretching of the muscles, which makes them flexible. This has an important clinical effect in the patient’s body, eliminating dangerous congestion, and a number of other unpleasant symptoms.

Does Pilates help with cellulite?

Only two things are effective against cellulite:

1) balanced diet with good amount of protein
foods, obligatory presence of vegetables and whole grains in the diet and

2) doing regular sports,namely Pilates. If you want to make your cellulite less noticeable it is important not just to lose weight. It is necessary that with a decrease in subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscle mass increases.