Company Profile

The PilatesLife company was established in 2016, in 2017 the company announced the launch of the Pilates studio of the same name. Branded motto of the Company, Be Stunning, Be Free!, seeks to express the Company philosophy Freedom Through Deserved Excellence, meaning excellence in everything! That is how Company Philosophy of “Learned Perfectionism” – An Ideal May and Must Be Achieved was born. While striving to achieve its ideal and get to the top in business, now PilatesLife is positioned as the first Pilates Studio in Azerbaijan, as a Company with own production and Training of Trainers (TOT) programme, and first franchiser in Azerbaijan, offering its exclusive Pilates franchise opportunities. PilatesLife has two offices, one in Baku and the other in Istanbul with overall staff consisting of more than 30 employees.

Our production department is located in Pendik district (Istanbul, Turkey), where Pilates equipment are manufactured within production workshops fitted with ultramodern Wood Processing Equipment, CNC Pipe Bending Machines, Load Test Equipment and etc. Our production is certified in accordance with GOST R 56445-2015 “Stationary training equipment. General Safety Requirements and Test Methods”.

All the equipment manufactured by Medius is completed with environment-friendly details and materials, which are provided with relevant hygienic certifications. Production of Pilates equipment is based on Aspen Hardwood Lumber. Aspen possesses high exceptional quality characteristics for the production of fitness and workout equipment and is very light and soft, which makes processing much easier. Moreover, dry aspen is very durable and almost “as strong as concrete”; with time and aging, it may gain certain weight and become even stronger. This wood has very amazing properties. During production proper drying and processing makes increase lumber’s resistance to rotting. Wood surfaces are refined mechanically and with greatest care, until the ideal look is developed. All the metalware/hardware coming into contact with human body is made of stainless steel in accordance with AISI 304 and AISI 306L. The materials used are hygienic and recommended for use in household appliances and food industry. As to mechanisms we use only unique and innovative solutions, since we try to meet and maintain traditionally functional standards of Pilates equipment. This is the way we simplify the use of Pilatese equipment, while maintaining classic unctions invented by Joseph Pilates.

We pay due attention and treat manufacturing of each and every Pilatese reformer very carefully. We carry out strict control of production process and comply with high quality standards; therefore, we are absolutely confident in durability and enduring qualities of our equipment by providing our customers with exceptional 2-Year Warranty.

Affordable Prices

Our fully owned production facility allows us to offer affordable and reasonable prices. Our prices are twice as low as compared to other equipment of equal quality offered by our competitors.

You can also order custom-tailored design of equipment which will fully meet and complete interior of your Studio.