Measurement on InBody 270 Scales

Composite weight measurement on InBody 270 scales is measurement on a special device that analyzes body composition. Measurement of body-mass index (BMI), muscle mass, percentage of fat in 5 segments for adults and children takes 30 seconds. Moreover, the device provides estimation of amount of proteins and minerals in the body, monitoring latent obesity in adults
and assessment of obesity stage in children, recommendations for the correction of weight, diet and exercise level. InBody technology is patented and differs from that used in other body
composition analyzers. It gives amazing 98% accuracy (by correlation with DEXA data) and reproducibility of results.

When connecting external devices (printers or other optional devices) to InBody 270, first plug in additional devices and then InBody 270 Turn off the devices in the reversive order:
first turn off InBody 270 and then additional devices. This procedure will reduce possible damage to the equipment caused by electric current.

Manufactured in South Korea

Preparation for estimation on InBody scales:

  • Measurements should be taken at least two to three hours after meals. Everything in the stomach is measured as body weight (although it is not) and can be resulted in obtaining
    incorrect data.
  • Bladder should be emptied half an hour before the procedure;
  • For two days before examination, do not drink alcohol, tea and coffee;
  • Measurement after physical loads are not recommended, when the body loses certain amount of water, so the results of the analysis may be incorrect.
  • It is not recommended to conduct measurement during, before and after menstruation for 5 days, otherwise the results will not be accurate.
  • If the difference between the temperature in the street and in the room is large, then it is necessary to allow the body to acclimatize, if you are frozen or overheated the analyzer will give faulty results;
  • In order to obtain more accurate results, it is recommended to take on as few clothes and jewelery as possible during measurement procedure, or wear loose clothing, no underwear and tights: clothing should not change configuration of fabric.

Limitations for measurement:

Measurement is not recommended for individuals with cardiac pacemaker and pregnant women.